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Kingdom Hearts 3 is back, but is it better than ever?

By Zachary Jimenez

If you are anything like me, you have waited a long time for the release of “Kingdom Hearts III.”

The first Kingdom Hearts game came out in 2002, which means I was five years old when I was first captivated by the game, and here I am a 22-year-old and still an avid fan of the series.

“Kingdom Hearts III” comes 13 years after the release of its predecessor “Kingdom Hearts II.”

However, there were plenty of other Kingdom Hearts side games released in that gap of time exploring other parts of the story.

“Kingdom Hearts III” is not a departure from what fans would expect from a Kingdom Hearts game.

The world designs are incredible. They are expansive and extremely detailed, which made me feel more immersed then in previous games.

I really enjoyed the updated combat system. Keyblades with unique abilities that can be upgraded added a fun and satisfying progression system.

This game marked the end of the Xehanort saga, the antagonist of the series.

A lot has been building to the final clash between Sora and his friends and Xehanort and his pawns. For me, it didn’t feel like the final battle it was hyped up to be. It felt like developers were more concerned with building the plot for future games instead of giving us the conclusion I thought “Kingdom Hearts III” would deliver. It left me a little disappointed in terms of plot points that remain unresolved, but left me eager for what comes next.


So, let’s talk about that ending.

Kairi is back in the realm of light safe, but Sora is gone.

Kairi appears to be reunited with Sora. They hold hands and as a tear falls down her cheek, Sora looks at her and fades away. It seems that Sora was able to save her but not himself. Perhaps, a consequence of using the power of waking to save her after Xehanort took her heart.

Let’s just say I was not okay.

Knowing Kingdom Hearts, I waited for the post-credit scene to give me some answers and tell me Sora is okay, but it didn’t.

However, it did reveal what is in store for future Kingdom Hearts games.

The foretellers are back. (Here’s the big twist) Xigbar revealed himself as Luxu!

It left me wanting more. But hey, it’s Kingdom Hearts of course, it has to be complicated and mysterious.

Also, what’s in the black box? Hopefully, we won’t have to wait another 13 years to find out.


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