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Indoor activities to enjoy during the cold and wintery months

By Mollie Clements

The cold has set in as 2019 begins, and with no holidays to look forward to, Western students struggle to find any warm indoor activities.

Many students may ask themselves what in the world they will do for fun while stuck inside, and seasonal depression is no help for students who already find themselves bored and lonely.

As someone who deals with the woes of seasonal depression, finding indoor activities to either enjoy by myself or with a friend is essential to surviving.

For the individual who enjoys spending their time in public, there are plenty of coffee shops around town to spend your time in for a couple of hours.

The Underground Coffeehouse on campus is a quiet place to enjoy part of the day. Some evenings the spot is filled with students eager to hear open mic night participants.

Every Tuesday at 7 p.m. until March 5, the Underground Coffeehouse will host an open mic night available for all.

The Underground is a warm and nice place to take a load off from classes.

With all of the reading that is required of a student at Western, taking some time to go see a film is another good way to stay warm and have fun.

The Regal Barkley Village movie theater is always showing popular movies to enjoy with some friends.

Movies such as: “Glass,” “Aquaman” and “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” are some movies that are available at the theater right now.

There are some individuals who tend to enjoy spending time by themselves and they do not have to go far in order to find warm, indoor activities.

Winter is the best time to start a puzzle to work on periodically, or to finish in one sitting, as I often do. Zoe’s Bookside Bagels has plenty of puzzles to work on and books to read while enjoying a personalized bagel and coffee.

Cuddling up with a decent book is a more nerdy way to enjoy the winter months. Some of my favorite books are “Beautiful Boy” by David Sheff and “The Paris Wife” by Paula McLain.

For students that struggle with seasonal depression or outright boredom during the winter months, there are plenty of options to explore in Bellingham or on Western’s campus.



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