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It’s okay to celebrate Christmas Early

By Emilee Kyle

The day after Halloween might by a recovery day for some, or just another normal day for others. For me, it’s the start of the Christmas season.

I know, I know, you’re probably already judging me for saying that. But let me explain why I think it’s okay to celebrate Christmas already.

As a college student, it’s easy to get insanely stressed out with homework, projects and tests. I find that having different days to look forward to make it easier to get through the rough patches. Sometimes it’s the little things that help you get through those late-night, 12-hour study sessions for finals.

While some people think it’s ridiculous for retail stores to start putting out the Christmas decorations before summer is even over, once November others can’t help but turn on the holly jolly music. // Photo by Emilee Kyle

You could be wondering, “Why don’t you just look forward to Thanksgiving, isn’t that a holiday too?”

The answer is simple. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving, but in my opinion, Christmastime is the most wonderful time of the year- there’s even a whole song about it.

Something about the chilly weather, colorful lights and the cheesy Hallmark movies really makes me happy. Can you name any songs about Thanksgiving? Maybe you can, but I can’t.

Plus, Thanksgiving break only lasts for three days, with the stress of dead week and finals week looming overhead. However, winter break is a time where we are able to truly relax and not think about schoolwork for three weeks. Now that’s another great thing about the holiday season.

I know it’s ridiculous for retail stores to start putting out the Christmas decorations before summer is even over. But once the clock strikes midnight after Halloween and November begins, all of that melts away and I can’t help but turn on the holly jolly music.

Life is too short to get mad at people for enjoying Christmas when they do.

If you don’t even celebrate Christmas, then that’s great too! For me, this season is more about just finding something to look forward to, whatever that might be for you.

I just want those Christmas lovers to know it’s ok to put up those decorations and sing to your heart’s content about Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Tis’ the season, am I right?


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