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The show goes on after headliner Princess Nokia cancels

Cherry Glazerr rocks out to their song “Had Ten Dollaz,” while the crowd dances away. // Photo by Kenzie Mahoskey 

By Jack Taylor

Despite scheduled performer Princess Nokia canceling last minute, Western students still showed up to party for AS Productions first pop concert of the year.

With headline rock band Cherry Glazerr and last minute addition local DJ R-Squared, around 500 audience members experienced a wide array of music genres on Oct. 6. However, not all students were satisfied with Princess Nokia canceling.

Second-year student and audience member Grant Pietro spoke on his frustration with Princess Nokia canceling. Pietro, a fan of Princess Nokia for over two years, was excited to hear his favorite songs by the rapper  live.

“I was so excited for Brujas to blast, because that song is like iconic,” Pietro said.

Rachel Skolnick, another audience member, expressed a different outlook on the cancellation.

“Honestly, I was more excited for Cherry Glazerr, so I am not that mad about it, but I am still sad about it,” Skolnick said.

Western senior DJ R-Squared performs his set in Carver Gym on Oct. 6. // Photo by Jaden Moon

Ricky Rath, whose stage name is DJ R-Squared, said that he got the call to perform at 1 P.M. Acting fast, Rath was able to put together a one hour set. He spoke on what goes into getting a set ready.

“There is a lot  of technical things to it that I could explain for a long time, but the one thing about performance DJing is coming out with a set that will please the crowd and being able to adapt to the crowd and just read the crowd in general,” Rath said.

Music aside, Rath credits the audience involvement as his favorite part of DJing.

“Just seeing the smiles and faces and making everyone dance, I think is the best part for me,” Rath said.

For more information on AS Productions and upcoming events, you can go to their website or their Facebook.


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