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Getting involved with intramurals

Two intramural players square off during a game of Bubble Soccer during a spring quarter match in 2018. // Photo by Kelly Pearce

By Alfred Fuentes

Intramurals is one of the many ways to get involved in organized activities at Western. Intramural participants can benefit from activities through social interaction, leadership skills in a team setting, personal development establishing positive attitudes and voluntary participation.

Each quarter, there are different intramural sports students can sign up for. People can gather a group of their friends to sign up or ask to join a team. There’s a variety of sports available for people, regardless  if they know how to play.

From basketball, dodgeball, flag football, ultimate frisbee and many more, there is a list on the Wade King Student Recreation Center’s  website of sports to choose from.

Junior Denny Ng will head into his third season with Western’s ultimate frisbee team. Ng said he had a passion for frisbee in middle school.

“Once I heard Western had a frisbee team, I was hooked from the start,” Ng said. “I had experience in the past playing in middle school and a little in high school. I felt that this was a good step to get more serious about the sport.”

Alec McAbee (right) keeps his eye on the batter in the middle of softball game on June 2nd as a part of Lawn Games run by intramurals. // Photo by Kelly Pearce

Ng said he has had an amazing experience with the team this year. Attending tournaments and weekly practices are expected, and the team goes out to camp to build group chemistry.

“The camping really helps build the bond that I have with the others,” Ng said. “Some of the players have never been out camping and the timing was perfect for them to join.”

He said intramurals is also a great way for people to get involved and meet new people.

“I would encourage people to join any intramurals,” Ng said. “I’m a shy guy, and I get that it’s hard to meet new people, but at some point you have to make that leap.”

Ng said he has never been an energetic individual, but that all changed when he knew he had to communicate with his teammates and coaches.

Junior Enrique Gomez participates in both varsity cross country and track. Running since his freshman year, he said participating in sports helped him succeed in his academic career. Being a varsity athlete at Western, Gomez can’t participate in intramurals because they interfere with his varsity schedule. He encourages others to take a chance and try out for the sports Western intramurals offers. 

“I’ll admit, I wasn’t really happy because I had little free time, and I can’t do any intramurals,” Gomez said. “But running did help me release some stress, and I feel more focused in class than I did before, and I’m sure being active will benefit others as well.”

Gomez said he feels energized as he continues to train six days a week while maintaining his time between three classes.

No matter what age, no matter how fit and no matter the experience, intramurals are open to all who are curious and who want to try something new.


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