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Saturday, May 8, 2021

A party playlist by DJ Kirby

Photo by Rachel Postlewait

By Nolan Kirby

The playlist I created for you today is filled with three completely different genres:

  1. Major 90’s hip-hop influencers
  2. Happy day songs
  3. French

These songs have been handpicked because they are going to stimulate your brain, taking you on a journey. Let’s start with WU-TANG Clan.

  1. WU-TANG is a 1990’s hip hop rap group that was able to produce unique, catchy, and hard beats. Their beats cut into your soul and leave you feeling like a stone-cold gangster.
  2. Living in Bellingham, it is important to have those sunny day songs. Sunny days don’t come too often so when one does come around, you’ll need songs like “Mr. Blue Sky” that can accurately capture what it’s like to be living in the present moment of a sunny day.
  3. Now, for a personal favorite: Le Femme. Le Femme is a suave French band with tons of style. I’d describe their music as sexy cyber punk in French. The French language along with their funky synthesizers, will leave you with weird feelings that cannot be explained.

So, live it up and celebrate the end of spring quarter with some tunes that will make you want to dance!


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