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Fairhaven adventure learning grant allows students explore the world

By Max Brunt

Three recipients of Fairhaven College’s Adventure Learning Grant spoke about their travels at the Whatcom Peace and Justice Center on Monday, May 21.

Fairhaven professor Andrew Brown introduced the speakers. The Adventure Learning Grant gives three students the opportunity to study abroad on their own unique study plan.

Fairhaven student Grace Coffey shares some of her experiences abroad at the Whatcom County Peace and Justice Center on May 21. // Photo by Max Brunt

Fairhaven & Huxley student Grace Coffey shared her experiences exploring rural communities in Latin America.

Her intention was initially to farm and learn about farming, specifically the role of women in agriculture. However, she ended up helping teach English at a local elementary school instead.

Zi Zhang discussed his time traveling the world to compare and contrast skateboarding lifestyles across different cultures. He taught skateboarding lessons in South Africa, China and South Korea.

Zhang said that skateboarding is an interesting way to analyze cultures, and is a good way to encourage yourself to explore and be active, without necessarily having an instructor or teammates like in other sports.

Fairhaven student Zi Zheng shares some of his experiences abroad at the Whatcom County Peace and Justice Center on May 21. // Photo by Max Brunt

Senior Alia Taqieddin shared her story of initially wanting to do work in Palestine, but being denied entry at the border to the West Bank and having to come up with a new study plan, this time in Greece.

Taqieddin worked at a refugee camp on the Greek-Bulgarian border and later in the anarchist-controlled neighborhood of Exarcheia in Athens.

All speakers agreed their experiences changed the way they view the world and the United States.


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