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The Sudden Valley Jazz Festival kicks off spring

By Olivia Klein

With a lively jubilance, the Sudden Valley Dance Barn hosted The Brothers Arntzen band, kicking off a concert series dedicated to jazz enthusiasts on April 14.

True to its name, the Dance Barn is split into a seating area facing the stage, but the eye is drawn first to a large dance floor filled with couples dancing.

Although many genres like R&B and hip-hop dominate today’s popular culture, the niche community of jazz is very much alive in Sudden Valley.

Don Philips, an audience member, said he comes to almost every event.

“So does most everyone here, ” he said.

The combination of the tight-knit community, and the charisma of the performers, created a very fun and easy-going atmosphere.

All members of the audience were encouraged by the performers to make their way to the dance floor, and many joined.

During one particularly popular song, nearly the entire audience opened umbrellas they had brought, and paraded around the room.

Evan Arntzen, one of the two brothers in The Brothers Arntzen band, said the dancing was a nod to his favorite part about the culture of jazz music.

“A lot of times people won’t associate jazz with dance music, but it really is,” Arntzen said.

During the concert, the band played a combination of their older material and songs featured on their newest album: Music for Dancing.

This event, and others like it serve as a reminder of the timeless transcendence provided by music, bringing people together from different walks of life.

The Brothers Arntzen pay homage to the roots of folk and jazz music // Photo courtesy of the Arnt and Evan Arntzen


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