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What’s Good: Brotha Dudes

Every Monday this quarter, a Western Front reporter will tell you what’s good in Bellingham.

By Jack Taylor

Brotha Dudes, located right off of Railroad Avenue in downtown Bellingham and on campus, offers healthy food for a decent price.

Brotha Dudes was founded by Julius and Brianna Stoker in 2016, and got its name from their son Duncan, who earned the nickname while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.

Photo by Jack Taylor

Brotha Dudes offers fresh food with prices ranging from $7.50 to $12.50.

Surrounded by colorful art, the atmosphere provides the perfect vibe for a relaxing lunch or dinner.

Customer Kianna Allen mentioned how she enjoys the vibe of the eatery while also appreciating healthy ingredients used in the food.

“It’s fast food but I feel good eating it. It is also really good fresh ingredients that you can tell what they make is not frozen,” Allen said.

Allen also praised the variety of options for people with dietary restrictions.

“Although I am not vegan or vegetarian, almost every single one of their menu items can be made vegan or vegetarian,” Allen said.

For what’s good in terms of the menu, at $9.75 the Cali Spliff has hand-cut potatoes fries, your choice of meat or tofu, avocado and more all wrapped in a chili tomato tortilla.

The Dudes Sandwich. // Photo by Jack Taylor

If you’re craving more of a sandwich, at $12.25, the Dudes Sandwich is definitely a strong bet. Filled with corn beef, havarti cheese, a poached egg, hand-cut potato fries and spicy chili sauce. Eat this sandwich soon after ordering, otherwise the egg will soak through the sourdough bread.

Brotha Dude’s coleslaw is a knockout, as well. It perfectly complements the spiciness of their food with a sweet refreshing taste.

More information on the creation of Brotha Dudes can found online at their website.

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