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Friday, September 25, 2020

Playlist: Chilly tunes for chilly afternoons

Western Front reporter Kayna Dean brings you some relaxed tunes to play in the backdrop of the winter Washington afternoons.

1. A Change of Heart – The 1975

This pop-synth ballad portrays a bittersweet love story, depicted in the music video by two clowns riding the ups and downs of their relationship like a merry-go-round. The song rises in its beginning as singer Matthew Healy serenades his love interest at the blossoming of their relationship, but drops in a matter of minutes to signal the despair he feels as they fall apart.


2. How Are You True – Cage the Elephant

The gentle guitar strings a song about self-reflection and the worries of wasting your life. “I felt like I should write a story about my own struggles,” said singer Matt Schultz in an interview. “As a young man sometimes you feel like you’re isolated in your own battle.” Though this song plays soft, its meaning runs deep.


3. Season 2 Episode 3 – Glass Animals

This song and its music video depicts a lazy, unmotivated character with the help of a video game inspired beat. The narrator sings about being happy without the main character’s “noise,” likely referring to her constant TV watching and dull lifestyle.


4. Is There Somewhere – Halsey

In this song, Halsey sings about being young and falling in love. She sings about being in a hotel room, hence the name of her EP, Room 93. The song begins slow, but picks up its pace slightly in the outro while adding some instrumentals.


5. Something About You (Odesza Remix) – Hayden James, Odesza

In this remix, the Western alumni of Odesza bring their own vibe to the game. The group has grown in popularity especially since their recent album “A Moment Apart” and are bringing their tour back to Seattle at the end of March.


6. LOVE. FEAT. ZACARI – Kendrick Lamar

In this song, Kendrick Lamar combines his rap with Zacari’s softer voice. The combination is a good listen when you want feel like listening to rap but don’t want anything too upbeat.


7. Constant Conversations – Passion Pit

This song isn’t as pumped up as most of Passion Pit’s music. Though it sounds very light hearted in the instrumentals, the song tells a story about a couple’s relationship not only with each other, but also with alcohol. The lyrics sing from the husband’s point of view as he struggles with alcohol addiction and his wife coping with it.


8. Lavender – Two Door Cinema Club

In this song, lead singer of Two Door Cinema Club Alex Trimble sings about falling asleep and dreaming of laying in a field of lavender. The instrumentals of this song are fairly simple, placing a lot of emphasis on the vocals and the electric guitar solo about halfway through the song.


9. Super Far – LANY

Super Far is a song about a relationship dwindling to an end. The lead singer sings about how lonely he feels even when he’s laying in bed right next to his girlfriend. Repeated throughout the song and with emphasis at the end are the lyrics “if this is love, I don’t want it,” reflecting how much he hates this feeling he thought at first was love.


10. So Young – Portugal. The Man

This song reminds me a lot of young people when they first go to college. The lyrics sing about a young man still trying to figure himself out, with the help of various hookups and parties. The song is very easy going and will get stuck in your head without you even realizing it.


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