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Subway ‘Deal of the Day’ to make campus comeback

By Tanner Fricke

What ever happened to the sub of the day option on campus Subways?

At several Subway locations around the country, a “sub of the day” option has been offered. This deal provides you with a $3.50 six-inch sub, and a $6 foot-long sub that is preselected. This option is a steal for many, but since January in Bellingham, this option was removed from campus locations. It will now be returning on March 2.

Retail manager Jamie Smith said the decision came at the store’s discretion.

“Each Subway store has the individual option of choosing which promos to offer at their location. These promos last a designated time and then change,” Smith said. “For the January to March timeframe, we chose to focus on the Fresh Fit Value Meal Promo and the Signature Wrap soft launch, instead of the Sub of the Day.”

Although the sub of the day was popular for bargain hunters and indecisive eaters, some alternate options appeared to take place of the deal during the winter months. The Fresh Fit Value Meal offered a sub for 400 calories or less, and the signature wraps were an alternate way to enjoy lunch entirely

Luckily, for those who have missed the sub of the day option, it will return on March 2. Does this change anything for students that visit the campus locations?

“If I see the deal and it looks like something I would enjoy, I would feel more inclined to stop and eat there,” Nate Smidt said. “I don’t eat at Subway all of the time, but if I forgot my lunch at home or if I’m in between classes and need to eat something, I’d go there.”

Oftentimes, students try to eat their lunch at home instead of buying it on campus.

“I usually won’t spend money on campus either way,” Fiona Macdonald said. “The sub of the day option sounds like a good idea if you’re into that sort of thing, but it doesn’t really affect me much to be completely honest.”

When asked if they noticed the deal was missing from the menu, certain students said they hadn’t taken notice at all.

“I really didn’t notice, but that’s because I don’t eat Subway enough to see that kind of thing.” Nate Smidt said. “But I’m sure for people who eat there once a week or so, they probably noticed and maybe wondered why it was gone.”

For some, this deal might make your day, and for others, it may go completely unnoticed. It all depends on how much time and money you are spending at a campus Subway location. Either way, if you are looking for a quick and cheap option for lunch on campus, the sub of the day will be returning on March 2 to all campus locations.


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