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Your Valentine’s Day playlist

By Ricky Rath

The 14th of February is here and it’s time to gather those flowers, chocolates or cards for that special someone. Here’s the perfect playlist for that car ride to the restaurant, chilling at home or any romantic occasion.

Electric – Alina Baraz (featuring Khalid)

This song has dozens of remixes but none match up to the original. You’ll fall in love with Alina Baraz and Khalid’s gentle vocals along with the subtle bassline. This is a perfect song to pull up the lyrics and sing along to.


Best Part – H.E.R & Daniel Caesar

“You’re the coffee that I need in the morning, You’re my sunshine in the rain when it’s pouring.” These are just some of the lyrics from the collaboration between H.E.R. and Daniel Caesar. This beautiful song features both artists expressing how much they adore their significant other and finally ending the song in a duet. The perfect song to slow dance to in that small college apartment.  


Lotus Flower Bomb – Wale featuring Miguel

This song is sexy. The lyrics, the vocals and the beat make this song the perfect Valentine’s Day anthem. Wale delivers some smooth and catchy lyrics while Miguel’s incredible vocals will have you feelin’ some sort of way. Although this song is six years old, today is a perfect day to bring it out of the archives.


I Want You – Robotaki & Manila Killa featuring Matthew John Kurz

This song is irresistible. Robotaki and Manila Killa produced a catchy and dreamy track blended together with a touch of both of their styles. The flirty lyrics and vocals from Matthew John Kurz add the perfect touch to the production. This is another perfect upbeat song to dedicate to your special boo.


Sexy Love – Ne-Yo

Pause. This song is 12 years old? This Ne-Yo song was one of his biggest hits and still a classic song today. Ne-Yo sings about about how much he loves and adores a girl that he just can’t stay away from. Just like the lyrics say, “keep me sprung, keep running back to you,” you might be running back to listening to this song again.


Need Your Love – Sol featuring Ray Dalton

Featuring two local artists from Seattle, this song is catchy and relaxing. It’s also super smooth but the beat and rhythm is just enough to keep your head nodding. Sol keeps it real with the lyrics expressing how important his significant other is to him. Sol also recently performed at Western last year for Lawnstock!


Around The Way Girl – LL Cool J

Still crushing on that cutie in class? This song is for you. This classic from the 1990s features LL Cool J rapping over a funky beat about a person he would see everyday in the neighborhood. This is still a favorite jam of mine to bump in the car with the windows down when the sun is out.


World To Me – Tchami featuring Luke James

This one is for all of my house music lovers. Tchami crafted a beautiful track filled with vibrant and joyful melodies all about expressing how much your significant other means to you. The drop makes you want to dance with your boo at the beach sipping on a couple of drinks.


Surreal – Louis Futon featuring RKCB

The title is exactly what the song is. Producer Louis Futon carefully crafted a soulful and silky song perfect for any two lovers. It sends you to a dreamy atmosphere as soon as you close your eyes when the first beat hits.


My Boo – Ghost Town DJs

My Boo is a classic dance anthem that recently resurfaced thanks to the running man challenge. The funky beat and enticing lyrics will leave you wanting to dance with your very own boo.



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