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What’s good: Leaf and Ladle

Every Monday this quarter, a Western Front reporter will tell you what’s good in Bellingham.

By Laurel Messenger

Over the last few weeks, my friends and I have been on a Leaf and Ladle binge.  The amazing comfort food is one of the main reasons I keep going back, but it’s also the amazing customer service that makes Leaf and Ladle my favorite restaurant in Bellingham.

When you walk through the doors, it feels more like you are walking into your own quaint kitchen. Paintings mounted on the walls and the mismatch furniture creates a homey atmosphere.

Diner-style seating is right in front of where the food is prepared. This is my preferred spot in the restaurant so I can talk with the servers. However, there are tables further to the back if you are looking to have more of a private lunch or dinner.

Over the course of my visits, my friends and I have gotten to know one of the workers, Sloane. Her spunky personality makes you feel comfortable and welcome.

“I never feel like I am serving people food, I feel like I am hosting a house party,” Sloane said. This mentality shows in her welcoming personality and service, and it’s not just her, it’s the whole staff.

Vegan B.L.A.T. // Photo by Laurel Messenger

Leaf and Ladle is a great option for those with diet restrictions. Many of their items can be made gluten free or vegan. This time, I ordered the Vegan B.L.A.T. ($10), consisting of tempeh-coconut “bacon”, greens, avocado and tomatoes.

As a vegan, I am always looking for new and fun options and substitutes for dairy and meat products. And let me tell you, the first time I had the bacon part of the B.L.A.T. I was in total shock. I couldn’t believe how much the bacon substitute tasted like actual bacon.

The food never fails to make my day. If you are looking for a new food stop or are looking for the closest thing to a home-cooked meal, I would recommend Leaf and Ladle. You won’t be disappointed.

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