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What’s good: Primer Coffee

Every Monday this quarter, a Western Front reporter will tell you what’s good in Bellingham.

By Erica Wilkins

On an early Sunday afternoon in Bellingham, I decided to take advantage of the surprisingly clear skies and took a trip to the Instagram-famous Primer Coffee off of Holly Street.

The minimalist wonderland of Primer offers an open, clean and fresh feel. Plants adorn every wall, railing, nook and cranny of the coffeehouse, making things feel especially bright and cheery with sun peaking through the windows.

The menu mounted on the wall behind the cashier had only 10 options and no prices listed. I had a small moment of panic wondering if I could actually afford this coffeehouse.

Luckily, a print-out menu (which we were later informed was actually quite outdated) guided our way through the Primer experience. I got to breathe a sigh of relief when I saw the prices were no worse than Starbucks or any other local coffee shop. In total, two drinks (and tip – duh) were a little over $10.

My roommate, Samantha Luong, was my partner on this journey. She ordered a 9 oz. mocha that was made with a chocolate ganache that’s created in-house. The presentation for her drink was picture perfect, complete with decorative foam art. The mocha was warm, chocolatey, creamy and delicious.

Photo by Erica Wilkins.

During our visit, I ordered the shuksan arm, an espresso made with brown sugar and ‘served sparkling’ over ice. The drink was topped with a large dollop of fresh whipped cream, chocolate flakes and a dash of orange zest.

Every square inch of Primer is aesthetically appealing and serves as a wonderful backdrop to any Instagram picture. It was the fanciest coffee experience I’ve ever had – hands down. Although it probably won’t be my new go-to coffeehouse (my current go-to is my couch in my living room), it is a beautiful place to drink some coffee.


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