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  • So disheartening, but I am not at all shocked at WWU’s decision. They wanted free high-quality performance and instead of doing what’s right––compensation––they skirted around the issue and called in Paul to make amends. WWU, you’ve shown your cards. You either support undocumented students or you don’t. Did you offer other forms of compensation (credits, etc)? I’d be pleased to hear if you did. Because as it is, at University level, you should know that free labor contradicts “committed to supporting undocumented students to the fullest extent possible.” At University level, you should know that naming “anxiety and stress” only affecting the students and their families labels you as unsupportive. Because no where in that statement did you name the difficulty federal law is on the University. You simply used it as a default which means you don’t care. Plain and simple. Simple and plain.

    Danielle DuCré
    President, Black Student Union ’05
    Diversity Task Force, ’04-’05
    Representative, Ethnic Student Center ’03-’05
    University of WA ’08

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