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10 websites every college student should know about

By Vanessa Murphy

Being a college student means being overwhelmed with classes, work, extracurriculars and a social life.  From aiding in time-management to helping you with rent, these free websites will help make college easier.

1. Grammarly

Say goodbye to those embarrassing typos in your emails to teachers. This website offers a free downloadable desktop extension for Google Chrome that spell checks everything you type on a web browser.

2. Sleep Calculator

Staying up until 4 a.m. is what college students do best. With Sleep Calculator, you can easily calculate what time to wake up so you don’t disturb your REM Cycle, and wake up feeling refreshed on minimal sleep.

3. Rate my Professor

When registering for classes at a university, you only get a full description on the courses you are taking. But the professor  teaching the class is just as important. Through this site, you can see how other students rank your professors, from difficulty of the course to explaining their teaching styles, to help you make the best selection possible for your schedule.

4. Self Control

Writing an essay due at midnight is enough trouble in itself, but constantly hearing Facebook alerts can become too distracting to finish the paper. Self Control is a desktop extension that prohibits you from accessing websites you choose for a designated time frame in order to help you focus.

5. Roomsurf

Roomsurf is the Tinder of the housing-world. Whether your lease has expired or you are an incoming transfer student looking for a place to live, this website helps match you with other roommates from your college who seem compatible with you.

6. Amazon Student

Most of the perks of Amazon Prime, with none of the cost for 6 months. Enjoy 2-day shipping, kindle books, and much more. Just remember to cancel your subscription after the free trial. Or after the trial expires, you can purchase Amazon Prime for a year at 50 percent off. Or you could just use your parents’ account.

7. My Fridge Food

Catered toward those who either do not feel like driving to the grocery store or cannot make a grocery-run until payday arrives, this website lets you select the items that are in your fridge currently and offers recipe options.

8. Rent a Friend

No longer do you have to choose between working to pay rent and having a good time. On Rent a Friend, people will pay you to go to the movies with them, or even give you their spare ticket for free, just to accompany them at a concert or sports game.

9. Freecycle

Freecycle is an efficient and environmentally-friendly way to discard your old items or acquire new ones. This platform links you with other people in the area who are giving away or wanting to get free items.

10. Instructables

Although college campuses offer numerous courses ranging from biology to mathematics, there are none offered for how to change your car’s oil or create your own puzzle. Whether you need to know how to fix something out of urgency or are craving to create crafts, Instructables has thousands of how-to’s on its website.


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