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What’s Western Wearing

By: Landon Groves

Name: Ryley Smith 

Year: Junior

Major: American Cultural Studies

Where do you like to shop?

“There’s a place down in Seattle called Red Light that I like, they have a lot of vintage clothes and stuff. And then just online.”

What/who is your style inspiration?

“There’s a guy named Joey Molland from a band called Badfinger. I basically try to steal his look as much as possible. Also Connor Oberst from the band Bright Eyes.”

How has your style changed over time?

“I went through a period where I wore a lot of John Denver disco shirts [laughs], but I came out of that. It really depends on what I’m into at the time. And what I’m listening to.”

What brands are you wearing right now?

“Oh, I have no idea. This is a Star Wars t-shirt, I can tell you that. But I don’t really like to represent brands.”


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