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By Alex Dupille

Contrary to what some might believe, the agility ladder isn’t just for top athletes. This tool can be beneficial for even the common fitness enthusiast. With the right exercises and knowing how much rest time to take in between sets, the agility ladder will have your heart rate up and the sweat flowing. Most gyms will provide you with an agility ladder, including Fitness Evolution in Bellingham and the Wade King Student Recreation Center.

  1. The first exercise that you should start with to get your feet moving is a simple one, as you jog through the ladder at about 50 percent speed and touch two feet in between each rung. Once you get the footwork down, start to build your speed up. Go through the ladder four times with this footwork pattern.
  2. On this second exercise you’re going to do an in and out pattern. For this one you’re going to be moving laterally. Start by moving to your left or right side (it doesn’t matter which side you choose) and tap two feet in the middle of the rung then when you move outside of the rung only bring one foot out. Before starting this exercise give yourself a 45 second rest and go through the ladder three times with this particular pattern.3. Like the previous exercise, you will be moving laterally again. Start with your body parallel to the ladder. You’re going to again tap two feet into each rung of the ladder like the first exercise but this exercise you’re going to be moving only sideways. It’s key that you make sure to pick your knees up to accentuate the movement. Take a 45 second rest before this exercise, then go through the ladder two times in this pattern.


4. By now your body should have had plenty of time to warm up and you should have gotten the hang of doing this agility ladder workout. So for this exercise you’re going to do a pattern that’s a little bit more challenging. If you have ever done the exercise “karaoke” then this will be very similar. You’re going to let your back foot lead you into the ladder while it crosses behind your front foot. Only have one foot in the rung and one foot outside of the rung at a time. After the previous exercise take a 30 second rest. Since this is the last exercise on the agility ladder you’re going to go through four times and really push yourself.


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