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Club Spotlight: Acts of Kindness Club

Creating compliment cards! Come by red square Wednesday from 11-2, where we’ll be passing them out. Hope to see you there! 🌷

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Written By Emily Mueller

If you’re looking for a way to make the world a happier place, Western’s Acts of Kindness club could be the club for you.

The club’s goal is to perform small, simple acts of kindness around Western and in the community, and “make the world around us a lot kinder, and just kind of inspire that in others,” said Eva Waltz, a sophomore and co-president of the club. Waltz said that a lot people think that being nice to each other requires a big gesture and a lot of effort, but in reality, it’s the small things that matter the most.

The AOK club participates in a wide range of acts of kindness. Members at the first meeting on Oct. 5 had many suggestions, including a clothes drive, a food drive, giving out hot chocolate when it gets cold outside and working with the homeless community.

The presidency of the club set up a Take a Compliment, Leave a Compliment bucket at the Info Fair this year. People could take a compliment out of the bucket, then write a compliment on a sticky note and put it in the bucket to replace the one they had taken. 

“Some of them that were left over were so nice,” said Waltz. “And these people didn’t know who the compliments were going to but they felt like they were directed towards us. And it just was the best feeling ever and it brought me to tears. Because some of them were like, ‘you are worthy’, ‘you are enough.’”

It is hoped that a Take a Compliment, Leave a Compliment wall could be created in a prominent place on campus.

“And you don’t know that all those people are who you’re around every day at school,” added Brandi Colella, a sophomore who is vice president of the club.

The club meets in Miller Hall 239 every Thursday at 7 p.m. The presidency wants members to feel like they are making the decisions on all activities and that everyone is included.

“I think it’s important to know that we’re super inclusive,” said Madison Goodwin, a sophomore and co-president of the club. “Anybody who’s anybody can join. We just really want to do things for the good…make friends and help other people make friends and get to know each other. It’s just a really good community to join.”

The Acts of Kindness Club can be found at https://orgsync.com/82910/chapter



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