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Songs 2 Study 2

By Michael Nguyen

Idealism- Controlla // This lo-fi track samples Drake’s popular song ‘Controlla’ off of his album ‘Views’. A sample that’s simple and sweet without all the lyrics so you can concentrate on your work but still vibe.

Frank Ocean- Chanel ft. A$AP Rocky // Chanel is the first track off of Frank Ocean’s album ‘Blonde’. This version includes a verse from Rocky (where he sings) complementing Frank’s smooth vocals. A great song about exploration and duality.

Lana Del Rey- Young and Beautiful // It’s Lana Del Rey, what else is there to say?

Marina and The Diamonds- Primadonna // Five tracks in we need to pick up the pace if we’re going to finish this o-chem homework, here’s a catchy song for all my fellow primadonnas out there.

Mobb Deep- Shook Ones // Organic chemistry homework not going well? Don’t stress don’t be a shook one… R.I.P Prodigy.

J. Cole- 4 Your Eyez Only // A message to his daughter that J. Cole is sharing with all of us, sharing his friends struggles and his own attempt at the pursuit of a righteous life.

Alison Wonderland – U Don’t Know ft. Wayne Coyne // Genre change up but similar theme to the last. Alison has said she wrote this song about depression. We are not in this alone!

Drake- Buried Alive ft. Kendrick Lamar // With power, money and fame it can all come at a cost.

Tomppabeats- Far Away // This extended version of the lo fi beat instrumental will let you flow into your creative mindset.

Kanye West- Amazing ft. Young Jeezy // Cus you’re amazin.

Higher Brothers x Famous Dex Made In China (Prod. Richie Souf) // Dropping this track here to show some international love. Notice the lyrical play on words that describe the western world’s material consumption from the east.

Post Malone- Congratulations ft. Quavo // Congrats! You did it! Finished the playlist and hopefully the homework.


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