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Playlist of the Week: Backyard Party Under the Stars


Finding something to do on a summer night isn’t too difficult in Bellingham, but an intimate night with your closest friends often results in some of the best memories you’ll hold close. Under the moon and stars, a backyard set up with blankets and speakers is all you need. With all the right necessities you and your friends can create an ideal backyard set up, and this playlist includes some songs that will give you all the feels.

1. “Mount Silver” — Fakear


This song by Fakear is an ideal song to listen to with your closest friends while star gazing on a summer night. With its simple vocals and distinct background sounds, this song is therapeutic in the best way possible.

2. “New Navy (Flume Remix)” — Zimbabwe


Flume thrills his fans with music that never fails to get people dancing and feeling alive. This song, a remix from New Navy, would start the night with a sentimental yet positive vibe.

3.  “It’s Only (LuQuS Remix)” — ODESZA


Odesza originally began making music here in Bellingham when the two DJs were attending college, making this track particularly special. They articulate emotions and chill vibes with their unique style of mixing and many other artists have created remixes of their songs, including this one by LuQuS.

4. “Drive (feat. Chain Gang of 1974) [Billboard Remix]” — Jai Wolf


This song is upbeat but chill at the same time. It will get everyone up to dance while spreading good vibes all around. The original song by Jai Wolf mixed with Billboard’s more upbeat style makes for a great song to include in a yard party on a summer night.

5. “Moon Tattoo (Frost Remix)” — Sofi Tukker


Sofi Tukker is a group of two who create songs with catchy beats and intricate lyrics. This remix by Frost is of their original song Moon Tattoo, giving it a more upbeat and late night feel.

6. “HiiiJack” — SZA


This song by SZA is calm with a background beat that is hard to resist. With its slight catch and smooth vocals this song will hit you right in the feels.

7. “Hémisphère” — Paradis


This song by Paradis, a duo from Paris, has a gentle tone that gradually turns into a bouncy and fun track that is extremely fun to dance to with friends. Although the vocals are in French, you can sense the deep emotion put into this catchy song.



KAYTRANADA creates groovy music that is hard for most not to dance to. This song will add a disco and carefree vibe to the night by bringing everyone together to move and groove.

9. “Make My Body Move” — Vintage Culture


This song will bring a deep house, late-night feel to your backyard. Vintage Culture has a 90s, bubbly style that will take you back to the past while also offering modern beats that will get you going all night.

10. “Fixed On You” (Aire Atlantica Remix)


Hotel Garuda is a mix of pop and modern day electronic music. This remix by Aire Atlantica gives this song a touch of bass that will pick up the vibes and make you and your friends get on your feet.

11. “Do You Don’t You” — Haywyre


This song by the DJ Haywyre is catchy with its fearless beat and relatable lyrics. You can rely on this song to get anyone up to dance.

12. “ Wildfire” — SBTRKT feat. Little Dragon


The only way to end a night like tonight is with a throwback. SBTRKT is a classic go to for some feel good music while also offering beats and sounds that aren’t heard often.


Illustration by Shannon DeLurio


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