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Looking hot while staying cool

With the temperature heating up and the school year coming to an end, it’s time to shed your rain boots and heavy jacket and break out your summer wardrobe.

Like most summers, shorts are all the rage this year, freshman Bayley Swanson said. For her, denim shorts are an essential item she wears on an everyday basis during the summer months.

“Living in Washington, we’ve been deprived of being able to wear shorts,” Swanson said. “So I have a couple of pairs of shorts that I’ve fixed up… I cut them, and then rip them. Sometimes I put studs, too.”

Manager of the downtown boutique Sojourn, Rachel Bergsma, said denim is a staple item, especially in the summer. It’s the versatility of denim that makes it so timeless, Bergsma said.

“Cut-off jean shorts, like distressed denim with just a basic white tee, is big,” Bergsma said. “You can dress [it] up with the florals, or have a really good day look with just distressed shorts and a white tank.”

Though shorts seem to be a summer favorite for many students, junior Mikayla DeBerry isn’t a fan. She prefers looser, more comfortable clothing, and feels that denim shorts don’t provide that level of comfort.

“Living in Washington, we’ve been deprived of being able to wear shorts. So I have a couple of pairs of shorts that I’ve fixed up… I cut them, and then rip them. Sometimes I put studs, too.”

Bayley Swanson, freshman

“I’m totally into dresses… like skater dresses, and skater skirts,” DeBerry said. “Because shorts are just awful to wear in the summer, especially jean shorts. If it’s really hot and you’re at the beach or you get them wet, I just don’t know why people put themselves through that.”

Sandals also seem to be universal in summer fashion. Swanson said there have been new trends in footwear emerging this year.

“I’ve seen a lot of strappy sandals lately, but with bright neon colors on them,” Swanson said. “I’m interested in that, I think it could be a fun way to spruce up a boring outfit.”

Bayley Swanson wearing an orange crop top. // Photo by Hannah Wong

For some, it’s the brand that makes the sandal, Farley said. He feels there are some name brands synonymous with Western.

“I think summer is really all about sandals,” Farley said. “Birkenstocks are for sure in, Tevas… really anyone at Western could wear Tevas and be cool with it.”

To DeBerry, footwear can make or break a summer outfit. One of her biggest summer fashion pet-peeves are toe shoes, often seen on the beach, she said.

“I feel like they look really uncomfortable, just wear flip flops,” DeBerry said. “They’re a no for me. But again, you do you.”

Festivals are a big part of summer for many college students. With festivals come different fashion trends, Bergsma said.

“Lacey colored bralettes are really huge for festival wear,” Bergsma said. “Also bodysuits, tucked into high waisted shorts is another big look, too.”

Swanson, an avid festival-goer, agrees that lace bralettes worn on their own are huge at festivals. The bohemian style is also prevalent, she said.

“Super long dresses seem to be really in, like the boho style,” Swanson said. “I’m really excited about that… I’d describe my style as boho-vintage.”

Each summer, new fashion trends arise. This year, students have been noticing riskier fashion statements emerging, and are taking style risks themselves.

“I think tight clothing is in, like, skin-tight clothes are coming back again,” Farley said. “And I’m seeing more guys in short-shorts than I’ve ever seen before.”

For DeBerry, this summer season has allowed her to step out of her style comfort zone. Despite being a self-proclaimed lifelong hater of hats, she has begun to see why hats are a summer fashion staple for many, she said.

“I’m super into hats this year. I was never really into them [before],” DeBerry said. “I always used to make fun of people for wearing hats… but my head used to get sunburned all the time… so now I totally see the trend.”

Summertime brings with it a host of clothing trends designed to help you beat the heat. From shorts to flip flops, there are plenty of options to keep you looking and feeling cool.



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