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Playlist of the Week: Summer Lovin’

Finals week is quickly approaching, but thankfully, so is summer. With the weather getting warmer, the nights getting longer and maybe even a little romance in the air, summer presents endless possibilities. This playlist encapsulates my idea of fun in the sun.  Go catch some rays, grab a cold one and that special someone and take a listen.

1. “Island in the Sun” — Weezer

This classic early-2000s jam features the soft strumming of an electric guitar and harmonies reminiscent of the Beach Boys. This is a great song to relax to while soaking up some sun on the beach.

2. “Way it Goes” — Hippo Campus

The up-and-coming band Hippo Campus is my go-to for catchy, upbeat jams. “Way it Goes” encourages me to just brush things off, enjoy life and accept the way things go. Listen to this tune to get you through the stress of finals, as relaxation and fun in the sun is just around the corner.

3. “Sunshine Gold” — Sam the Astronaut

I can’t wait to roll down my windows and bump this song while enjoying the summer sun. Sam the Astronaut sings about life on the sunshine coast, drinking and laughing on the beach with friends.

4. “Sail into the Sun” — Gentlemen Hall

If you’re looking for an instant mood booster, listen to this upbeat indie tune. The song is as simple as it sounds, with a repetitive chorus that makes me want to sail off into the beautiful summer sunset.

5. “Sunflower” — Rex Orange County

“Sunflower” begins with a soft, wistful intro, before swiftly transitioning to a bright and catchy verse. This song captures the fun, but also complicated, nature of a summer romance.

6. “Speed Racer” — Her’s

This has to be the catchiest song in the playlist, with a quick beat and techno vibes. It captures the Southern California atmosphere, with its steady bass line and electric guitar. This would be the perfect song to play at a beach party, or even if you’re looking to rock out alone.

7. “Santeria” — Sublime

This indie jam, with hints of reggae, has been a summer-favorite since I was a kid. It’s actually about a jealous ex-boyfriend, but I like to just enjoy the beat and great guitar solo.

8. “Age of Consent” — New Order

An early ‘80s classic, this tune is still great to jam out to. The repetitive melody makes this song an easy listen, I love to have it on while I’m driving in the sun.

9. “Oceans” — Coasts

This upbeat tune is a perfect anthem for any summer romance. Falling in love by the ocean, while beautiful, may not last through the summer; the song encourages you to live in the moment.

10.  “A-Punk” — Vampire Weekend

It’s hard not to dance to this song, with its catchy melody and intermittent use of flutes. This is another great song to bump in the car on the way to the beach.

11. “Walking on a Dream” — Empire of the Sun

You’re probably familiar with this song, as it was used in a 2016 Honda Civic commercial. However, this tune definitely holds its own; it’s perfect for chilling out to on warm days.

12. “Fun, Fun, Fun” — Beach Boys

I wanted to culminate this playlist with a summer classic. The Beach Boys were revolutionary to California surfer rock, perfectly capturing the feeling of a summer on the Golden Coast.



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