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Dog Blog: Owning a pet in college

Not many people understand how I have a dog in college, or how anyone can handle having a dog. It’s a lot of responsibility and it takes up quite a bit of your time, but if it’s something you want and put your mind to, you can handle it.

I had thought about getting a pet for a few months before getting Rocko, my dog, last January. I had always grown up with animals in my life. I decided I wanted to look for a dog, because they have so much personality and they are the perfect companion for those who like outdoor adventuring.

Being in school away from my family in Colorado can make living in Washington difficult. Rocko helps me feel less alone. I’m comfortable being by myself because I’m never really alone with him around.

No matter what is going on in my life, he’s always thrilled to see me when I walk through the door.

Sierra Sandoval

One of the biggest things that makes having a dog so amazing is I always have him to come home to when I’m having a rough day. No matter what is going on in my life, he’s always thrilled to see me when I walk through the door, and all of his excitement and energy takes my mind from whatever it may be.

Not only does he lift my spirits when I get home, but he also gets me outside more, even when the weather isn’t perfect. Being able to go outside all the time is something I value a lot, especially coming from a small ski town in Colorado. I think living in the Pacific Northwest, it is even more important to try and get outside even when it’s gloomy.

Rocko at Locust Beach // Photo by Sierra Sandoval

Since it can be so dreary and depressing up here, finding things that make you happy and keep you from sitting around the house makes a difference in your mood.

Rocko has improved my mood a lot since I’ve gotten him and I’m able to go outside more, doing the things that not only I love to do, but he does as well: hiking, swimming, paddle boarding, and going to the beach.

Lastly, I feel that having another living being to take care of other than myself has taught me to be more responsible. It helps me with handling my money, because I have to make sure he is taken care of as well. He always comes first to me. It also has taught me to manage my time well. I have to make sure that I get all of my school work done on time, so I have time to take him out and adventure, all while having a job as well.


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