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Film: “Get Out” with the old and in with the new

It might not look like it when you see a lineup of 2017 movie releases, but the horror genre might be seeing some changes in the near future. The horror movie lineup is filled with remakes, reboots and sequels of older series like “Saw” and “Insidious,” but looking closer at a certain movie might reveal an upcoming trend.

Maybe it’s just my attention span, but I’m the kind of person that likes to experience new things. I like movies that explore themes not often explored or provide fresh new perspectives. And one shining example of the kind of horror movie I want to see more of is the recently released “Get Out.”

“Get Out” was a huge success. According to The Numbers, the film had a budget of $5 million and made $214 million at the box office. This would make “Get Out” the sixth biggest movie of 2017. For a horror movie, that is insanely high. Compared to last year’s leading horror movie “Don’t Breathe,” “Get Out” made $56 million more.

Now those statistics wouldn’t matter at all if I didn’t think “Get Out” was good. And I think it is a fantastic film, not just in the horror genre, but in general.

I love the fun and blood and guts that more traditional horror movies like “Saw” and “Friday the 13th” provide, but “Get Out” is a movie that provides much more than that. I won’t go into spoilers, but the movie manages to balance humor with insanely uncomfortable scenarios that creates tension that explodes by the end.

This mixture of high quality, interesting themes and relatability is not exclusive to “Get Out.”

Kevin Lake

It’s a movie that seems to take inspiration from old science fiction shows like “The Twilight Zone” where the paranormal conflicts with the normal in our society. In that way, like its predecessors, “Get Out” also manages to be relatable while leaving some wiggle room for interpretation. This mixture of high quality, interesting themes and relatability is not exclusive to “Get Out” however, as several movies over the last 5 years have hit those same beats.

Replace the themes of racial tension in “Get Out” with sexual tension and you have “It Follows.” “It Follows” is a movie that took inspiration from older horror science fiction media and created something new and enjoyable. While the idea of a killer paranormal being might be far from original, the film manages to give us a new perspective with its characters and world.

Due to the success of “Get Out,” we can probably expect to see more relatable and high quality horror films in the future. And I’m looking forward to a future that has room for both fun rehashes and great films.


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