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Playlist of the Week: Bring down the house

When it comes to club music, nothing gets people on the dance floor quite like house music. When it comes to festivals, nothing gets people jumping quite like bass music. This playlist is a best of both worlds compilation that includes house songs of all types that sit right on the fence between groove and grit.

1) Anna Lunoe – “Radioactive”

Anna Lunoe is a club de-stroy-er. She’s been one of my favorite artists for as long as I’ve been listening to electronic dance music. The only thing better than her hard-hitting tracks is hearing them during one of her live sets (which are insane, don’t miss her at Paradiso). She also just announced that she’s four months pregnant. You know that baby’s going to come out dancing.

2) Chris Lorenzo – “Come Down”

You’ve probably heard tons of his sounds but not of Chris Lorenzo himself. This guy is one of the biggest ghost producers in the club and house music scene so I had to include him on this playlist. Plus, there’s a Bruce Lee sample in this song…come on.

3) AC Slater & Taiki Nulight – “Psycho” (Original Mix)

If you listen to the deep house genre, you know exactly who AC Slater is. I almost couldn’t choose just one of his songs to put in the playlist. Also, Taiki Nulight is picking up speed, don’t sleep on him.

4) ANGELZ – “Devils”

A lot of times when songs have a lot going on in them, it’s just a bit overwhelming. Somehow ANGELZ always has a ton going on in his songs but they never sound jumbled. This song is perfect for the club but you will always hear it in a Tchami festival set as well.

5) Jack Beats & GotSome – “W10”

Jack Beats & GotSome have been remixing each other for a long time. When they finally came out with this collab, their styles matched up perfectly. This is a super duper simple, super duper groovy club anthem.

6) Tchami – “Missing You” (feat. AC Slater & Kaleem Taylor)

It’d be impossible to make a house playlist without including at least one song from the groove god that is Tchami. His songs are all (and I really do mean all) supa hot fire. Also, what did I say about not being able to pick just one AC Slater track…

7) Dombresky – “Technikal”

Dombresky is a straight monster of sound design. Even though his single “Utopia” went almost viral, he’s still very underrated in the house music scene.

8) Chris Lake – “I Want You”

The video for this song is so weird in a good yet creepy way. Again, if you know house music at all, you know Chris Lake. This legend needs no introduction. Look out for “Howsla,” the house compilation he’s dropping on Skrillex’s label, Owsla (see what he did there) on May 5th.

9) Phlegmatic Dogs – “Weegle” (Original Mix)

These guys are relatively new to the house scene but are cranking out some pretty incredible sounds. My favorite part of this song is the crow “caw” they use in the drop.

10) LiTek & Tom Zanetti – “Uber” (feat. Curtis Clacey)

I’ve been a fan of this guy since he was making Bounce House and had 100 followers on soundcloud. He’s a really cool dude from Manchester, England that makes really cool music. He’s also one of the only people who finds my snapchats funny. Shout out LiTek.

11) Drezo – “Heaven”

There’s no sound out there quite like Drezo’s. He came out of nowhere two years ago and has been destroying festivals ever since with his simplistic and hard hitting production.

12) Destructo – “4 Real” (Joyryde ‘Swurve’ Mix)

I’ve saved the best for last on this playlist. Although Joyryde may be relatively new to the EDM world, he’s a veteran producer with a skill set second to none. This guy had some of the most played festival bangers of 2016 and it’s starting to look like 2017 might yield the same outcome.




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