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Sweaty Already makes it past round 3 in Sounds of the Underground

The musical battle continued, with three more bands going head-to-head for a position in the final round.

Sweaty Already won Sounds of the Underground Round 3, but the two other bands, Good Sleep and DRFTRS, didn’t go down without a fight.

The Wednesday, April 19 concert, hosted by the Associated Students, took place in the Underground Coffeehouse. It was the third of the preliminary rounds to find the bands that will star in the final round.

Good Sleep kicked off the show with music that lead guitarist and singer, Ethan Cohen, described as “downtown bedtime surf-rock.” Its music featured fun and unique sounds, with touches of keyboard and saxophone brought into the mix.

“We try to blend the feel of California with the feel of city nightlife,” Cohen said.

Saxophonist, keyboardist and guitarist for Good Sleep, Claire Widman, said the band is all about having a good time on stage and sharing that energy with the audience.

Sweaty Already was second, bringing an old-school rock and roll vibe with a dose of funk. With two guitars working together, a crisp and clear bassist, a drummer, and a powerful lead singer, Sweaty Already’s sound filled the room and got the audience moving and up close to the stage.

The band debated what to call its sound, saying it was groovy rock, funky rock and finally just rock and roll.

DRFTRS concluded the show with a mix of punk and funk that bassist Alexander Rolfs could only describe as “buzz funk fuzz punk.” The four-piece featured lots of saxophone, complex guitar solos, a singing drummer and a bassist who spent much of the show off the stage, playing on the ground in front of the audience.

After the show was over, audience members voted for their favorite band on a slip of paper.

The final preliminary round will take place at the Make.Shift on Friday, April 21 at 8 p.m., featuring Step Dads, We Won’t Leave and Maddy Smith.


Get to know Sweaty Already

Sweaty Already has won round three of the Sounds of the Underground battle of the bands.

The band described its sound as “groovy funky rock.”

Photo by Bram Biskorn

They started as friends and neighbors, jamming together on occasion, but the band really took form in January, lead singer Garrison Whaley-Sharp said.

The name Sweaty Already came about when the band overheard someone outside of a concert say that they were sweaty already.

“We envisioned it as a whole multimedia thing, with headbands and everything.” Whaley-Sharp said.

“Yeah, think 80s workout video,” bassist Tristan Lee said.

The band didn’t follow up with that idea when they broke out into Bellingham’s music scene.

“We tailored our music towards [house shows],” Whaley-Sharp said.

Lee, described a recent house show that “got out of hand.”

“There was a few hundred people in a small house, and someone got shoved out a window.” Lee said.

Despite the chaos, Lee said it was his favorite show that they’ve played.


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