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Men’s soccer falls short to Bellingham United

The Western men’s soccer team played an exhibition game against the semi-pro team Bellingham United on April 14 at Harrington Field. The game was close, but the Vikings fell 3-2.

Sophomore Jeremiah Lee thought the team gave a great effort, but just wasn’t able to capitalize.

“There were spurts where it was pretty good, and spurts where it wasn’t so good,” Lee said. “I think we got better as the game went on. Overall, I would say it was pretty decent, we just couldn’t finish.”

The team said they didn’t play their best game, but also pointed out that it’s common to make mistakes during the spring. Senior Tyler Visten said the important thing is to improve and perform better in the fall.

“We’re getting better. For our second game of the spring, it’s better than our first.”

Greg Brisbon, head coach

“It was a spring game so it’s good to learn from your mistakes now,” Visten said. “It’s good to not be playing our best soccer in the spring. We need to be playing our best soccer in the fall.”

Visten said the team needs to improve, but he was optimistic about the team’s chances to excel this season.

“We just [have to] focus on the tasks our coach gives us,” Visten said. “Just the little things, the little details. Nothing big, just minor things we [have to] straighten out by next fall.”

The Vikings scored the game’s first goal in the opening minute. Bellingham United would answer with a goal of their own shortly after, however.

In the second half, Bellingham United picked up where they left off in the first, and scored another goal halfway through the period, resulting in a 3-1 deficit for the Vikings.

Junior Stephen Jinneman said the team needs to focus on their defense if they want to be ready to play in the fall.

Junior defender Marcus Tinsley dribbles down the field Friday, April 14, at Harrington Field. // Photo by Dan Thomas

“We have to work harder. We have to make sure people are pressing the ball and giving 100 percent the whole time,” Jinneman said.

The Vikings went into the locker room trailing Bellingham United 2-1 at halftime.

Head coach Greg Brisbon said he understands this was an exhibition game and says the team is improving.

“We’re getting better. For our second game of the spring, it’s better than our first,” Brisbon said. “It’s tough, but there were some improvements from the last match, so that’s good. We definitely have a lot to work on.”


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