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Playlist of the Week: Ethereal Soundscapes

This week’s playlist is all about atmosphere. No, I don’t mean the envelope of gases surrounding the earth. I’m talking about the ethereal spaces and soundscapes that artists are able to create in songs by combining unique instrumentation and percussion of all types. This playlist is a compilation of electronic-based music with an emphasis on ambience.

1) Shallou – “Begin” (feat. Wales)

Shallou’s chill yet groovy production style accompanied by Wales’ gentle vocals make for a dreamy feel to this song.

2) In love with a ghost – “flowers” (feat. Nori)

In love with a ghost always creates a relaxing and comfortable space with his unique acoustic sounds.

3) Louis Futon – “Surreal” (feat.RKCB)

Take one listen to this song and you’ll realize how appropriate the title is. Louis Futon continuously delivers groovy and interesting productions.

4) Giraffage – “Tell Me”

“Tell Me” has to be one of the most simple and upbeat electronic songs ever made. Who knew that so much energy could be packed into a ‘boop.’

5) Raptures of Lovers – “passionfruit”

This song is a light-hearted, simplistic tune from a relatively unknown artist duo who are also lovers. For me, this is the song that plays in your head when you attempt to articulate your powerful feelings to the cute person who makes you nervous. It floods in and drowns out the words with emotion.

6) Japanese Wallpaper – “Breathe In” (feat. Wafia)

Japanese Wallpaper became well-known from his contest-winning remix of Wafia’s “Alice”. Shortly after the release he teamed up with Wafia to create this nostalgic original. The oozy and distant sounds of this song are incredible.


7) Francis and the Lights – “Friends”

Francis’ songs always sound like an ‘80s love song and this one is no different (with the exception that this love song is about friends).


8) RAC – “Cheap Sunglasses” (feat. Matthew Koma)

This song puts you on the beach, midday, with a tropical drink in your hand.

9) Troy. – “Can We Dance”

This track is an electronic concoction that will make you want to shed a tear, call an ex and hit the dance floor all at same time. Troy. is a very unknown producer, graphic artist and vocalist who’s recently started to make a name for himself in the Pacific Northwest music scene.

10) Kali Uchis – “Ridin Round” (feat. Tory Lanez) [Oshi Redo]

I do not have a single friend who wasn’t blasting this remix on a daily basis last summer. And of course I’ll be doing the same now that the sun is back out.


11) Tennyson – “All Yours”

This song might be the cutest and most lively production that Canadian brother/sister duo Tennyson has ever made.

12) Dillon Francis – “Without You” (feat. T.E.E.D)

The lyrics to this song perfectly embody feelings of growth and happiness. To me, this song is the personification of letting go.



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