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Playlist of the Week: Spring Fling

Start off the new quarter with some upbeat, summery tunes to help move along the slow transition into warm weather.

Written by: Laura Place

1) “Katie Queen of Tennessee”- The Apache Relay

This song captures the feeling of springtime. Make your own remix by switching out “Katie” for your favorite girl name and “Tennessee” for your favorite state in the title. For example, Jackie Queen of Delaware.


2) “Drinkee” – Sofi Tukker

If you speak Portuguese, feel free to sing along. Otherwise, dance to this catchy tune with everyone else.  


3) “You’re The Inspiration” – Chicago

That’s right. You inspired Chicago so much last quarter, they wrote a song about you.


4) “Show Me Love” – Hundred Waters ft. Chance the Rapper, Moses Sumney, Robin Hannibal, Skrillex

This more upbeat remix of the original Hundred Waters jam will definitely put a smile on your face.


5) “If I Was A Folkstar” – The Avalanches

This is the hip musical equivalent of strolling through the city in the summertime. Great background music for whatever you’re up to.



LANY’s stuff is a good go-to for dreamy electronic summer feels. For more chill vibes, check out the stripped version of the song.


7) “Sunday Candy” – Donnie Trumpet & the Social Experiment

A mood-booster from last year and possibly one of the happiest songs ever.


8) “Send Me On My Way” – Rusted Root

Why is this song so positive and hopeful? If you’re graduating this quarter, this is your jam.


9) “Kidnap Me” – CRUISR

This carefree beachy tune is a great song for driving.

10) “Coming Over” – James Hersey, filous

Lighthearted, happy, easy and breezy — a solid chillstep jam to get ready for summer.


11) “St. Croix” – Family of the Year

Put on this euphoric indie song for a sunny pick-me-up.

12) “I’m Sprung” – T-Pain

Spring has sprung.


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