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WTA changes bus routes to and from campus

Riding the bus is about to change.

Whatcom Transportation Authority is changing routes, route numbers and route names on Sunday, March 19, in an effort to make the system easier to understand.

Passengers headed between downtown Bellingham, Western and Bill McDonald Parkway can catch the Blue Line, which includes routes 107, 108 and 109.

The route that runs from Lincoln Street, Lincoln Creek Park & Ride and Western is now going to be serviced by the 190.

Service to 32nd St. will be reduced, but the route from there to Western will now be served by route 11. Passengers can also catch route 5, which will eventually transfer to the Blue Line at Bill McDonald and Samish Way.

Photo by Harrison Amelang

The York neighborhood will still be served by the 108 on Ellis Street and passengers may also ride the 107 home. They can catch the Blue Line at Billy Frank Jr. and Holly Street.

For students who live in Happy Valley, the route will not be changing. The easiest trip will still be  route 14, which goes from Fairhaven to downtown.

Students who are traveling to Western from anywhere else can catch a bus to the downtown bus station and then hop on the Blue Line and go straight to the school. They may also park at the Lincoln Creek Park & Ride, then hop on the 190.

Changes are not just coming by way of new and different routes, some are also being eliminated.  

The 43 and 44, which runs to Yew Street, will no longer be running. Instead, that area will be served by the 5 and the 533.
These are only a few of the changes that are being made. To find out more information, visit WTA’s website or call (360) 676-RIDE.


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