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  • Unfortunately, students renters are the ones that would labeled me as a ‘NIMBY’. I rented in the Sehome neighborhood for many years and actually ended up working for the very nice, local owners of the building after they took notice of how well I kept my home. It was not uncommon for the owners to spend hundreds of hours and close to a thousand dollars per lease to clean common things that should have been kept up (ovens with grease baked on instead of wiped up in the moment) and fix intentional damage (staircase railings kicked apart) caused by student renters.

    I now own a home in the York neighborhood and have complained to the city about the condition the neighbors across from me keep their property in; it was not until homeless people started sleeping on the discarded furniture in the yard the police stepped in.

    I happened to drive by 1013 Grant street after reading this article (and I realize those cited no longer live there) currently there are bikes, propane tanks, and other detritus piled up in the yard. In addition, despite the lawn mower also laying in the yard (and it being in the lease for the property) the yard is completely overgrown. The rental across the street has a large ‘free pile’ out front that includes large furniture, and this after the neighborhood hosted a haul off day two weekends ago to discourage dumping on the sidewalks.

    Respect is a two way street and I will not support the tenants union until there is evidence they act as homeowners do- with common courteously to their neighborhoods.

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