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Unlike in “Game of Thrones,” winter is on its way out.

With spring quickly approaching, treadmills and stationary bikes will soon be replaced with Bellingham’s iconic scenery and real bikes.

Whether you long to be beneath the trees or by the bay, Bellingham is home to a host of trail systems that cater to all skill levels. Before you lace up your shoes and put air in your tires, take a look at these trails to find your next adventure.

  1. Lake Padden Trail Loop – 2.6 mile loop

You can’t go wrong with Lake Padden on a sunny spring day.  Lake Padden’s trail loop is surrounded by evergreen trees, complete with swimming areas and restrooms. The trail offers an easy and safe route for veteran runners and part-time joggers alike. The wide path has plenty of room for runners and bikers. Multipurpose trails can be found on both the south and east sides of the lake.

  1. Fragrance Lake Trail – 5.5 miles round trip

Located across Chuckanut Drive from Larrabee State Park, Fragrance Lake Trail offers a tough uphill climb to trail runners looking to elevate their heart rate. This thick-forested trail, which is busy during weekends, features glimpses of the Puget Sound, giving trailblazers a good excuse to stop for a breather. Gaining 950 feet in elevation up the trail, runners earn their view of the beautiful lake that has a loop of .6 miles if the switchbacks aren’t enough. 

  1. South Bay Trail – 4 miles round trip

South Bay Trail starts on East Laurel Street behind The Green Frog. The trail offers bikers and runners a relaxed journey along beautiful Bellingham Bay. Trail goers will start by taking on about one mile of soft gravel before hitting Boulevard Park where you can stop for a break. From there, you can cruise along Taylor Dock ending in Fairhaven.  


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