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Donations total over $350,000 halfway through Western Foundation campaign

On Tuesday, Feb. 28, contributors came to the Faculty and Staff Campaign Celebration at the Western Gallery to celebrate the impact their philanthropy has had on the Western community.

The Western Foundation has raised over $350,000 at the halfway point of their 2017 campaign said David Hamiter, the foundation’s faculty and staff campaign chair. The donations from 363 people in Western’s community will fund scholarships and programs, Hamiter said.

“These endowments allow us to spend money in ways that we can’t spend state funds,” Hamiter said. “It provides opportunities to build our community as well as training and socializing opportunities, just making our life here at Western more interesting.”

President Sabah Randhawa gave the opening speech at the reception to highlight the importance of philanthropic giving.

“The foundation is critical to raise resources for student scholarships, fellowships, hiring exceptional faculty and to build new facilities to support educational practice,” Randhawa said. “We don’t get all those resources from the state.”

The keynote speaker at the event was graduate student Megan Carter. Carter has received multiple scholarships through the philanthropy of the Western Foundation and is the general manager for their phonathon.


“My biggest focus has to be students and student success, as well as helping all students reach their potential by eliminating achievement gaps.”
Western President Sabah Randhawa

“For me, it’s about taking what I’ve received from the university and then giving it back,” Carter said. “Once I’m gone, as an [alumnus], I will give back to my university.”

Randhawa said he was pleased to hear Carter speak because her being able to achieve through the aid of scholarships shows what can be accomplished through the foundation.

“My biggest focus has to be students and student success, as well as helping all students reach their potential by eliminating achievement gaps,” Randhawa said.

The campaign, which began in July 2016 is only halfway done. The reason for the reception was to celebrate the progress made thus far, and to make connections with other contributors.

The foundation’s goal at the end of the campaign is to reach 500 donors.

“I’m looking forward to just to letting people know how important [giving] is and what a big difference it makes and that we’re in this together,” Hamiter said.


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