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In 2014 Daniel Handler, aka Lemony Snicket, visited Western’s campus. A member of the audience asked him if there would be follow up to the movie based on his children’s series, A Series of Unfortunate Events, which was released way back in 2004. There was a buzz in the air as he smiled at the room. He told them to wait.

Book adaptations have been very common in movies, but TV is becoming the new place to recreate books. Especially with the outpouring of enthusiasm on social media at the newly released A Series of Unfortunate Events. The TV show was watched by 3.755 million adults opening weekend, according to TheWrap.



But this also might be thanks to the platform, Netflix, which has been hailed as a place for creativity and independent writing to flourish.


There has also been praise of Netflix’s Daredevil comic book adaptation.


In fact, Netflix might become the prime spot for any book lover to hope adaptations are made.


According to Slate.com, Series of Unfortunate Events has set a precedent for Netflix shows to come.  

“Both the scope and the scale of the material are well-served by the presentation,” according to Slate.

Netflix might be the next platform for tough projects that others won’t take or would alter.

Junior Josh Smith hopes to see the novel The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen made into a Netflix series.

“It’s a 700 hundred page epic spanning multiple decades of this interesting family’s life,” Smith said.

The Corrections was set to be an HBO TV movie in 2012, but was dropped due to its complexity and high budget.

The success of A Series of Unfortunate Events could also make others hopeful for future book adaptations.



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