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A perfect mix of mellow beats and captivating melodies make up The xx’s new album, “I See You”. This moody dream/indie-pop band has been known for creating smooth, seamless albums from the release of their first self-titled album in 2009. “I See You” is on the same level, but with some unexpected twists. The album includes more dance tracks than their last two releases. Some of the songs include horns, which is a bit unusual for the band. This 10-track compilation definitely works the best as a whole, so I would suggest listening to it all in one sitting at first before picking out your favorite songs.

Favorite song: “Say Something Loving”



This track gets the album off to a great start because it’s fun and easy to dance to. Horns as well as some pumping underlying beats are featured.


“Say Something Loving”

This song wins my favorite title of this album. It’s dreamy and mellow, while still complex.



An entrancing melody creates the outline of this song. It’s one of those tracks that makes you feel like you’re falling in love on first listen.


“A Violent Noise”

My favorite part of this song is the bridge. It’s got a great build-up with meaningful lyrics and comes together perfectly towards the end.



This is another one of my favorites from this album. The track reminds me a lot of older The xx songs.  



This song is different compared to the previous songs. It’s more driven in beat, creating a nice break within the album.


“Brave For You”

Make sure you listen to the lyrics of this one. Combined with a cool, calm melody, the personal lyrics really have an effect.


“On Hold”

This was the first single from the album. It’s one of the more fun songs, brighter and dance-pop.


“I Dare You”

This is a mellow, pulsing track with lots of silent space, a trademark of The xx.


“Test Me”

A great end to The xx’s third album. It’s a great example of the soulful indie-pop that this band performs so well.


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