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Junior DeShawn Dowdy, Studio Art Major

deshawn watermark
Junior DeShawn Dowdy. // Photo by Brooke Carlson

Listening to: No Waves by FIDLAR

Dowdy said when he  was younger he used to be pretty close-minded when it came to music. Now he has expanded his horizons and his favorite group at the moment is Run The Jewels.

“I generally gravitate towards skate punk and hip hop,” he said. “Those are two big genres for me.”


Senior Tyler McGrath, Political Science Major

tyler water mark
Senior Tyler McGrath. // Photo by Brooke Carlson

Listening to: Pud Wud by Allan Holdsworth

McGrath is into all things unusual when it comes to music. He did a show on KUGS fm, Western’s student radio station last quarter called “The Beautiful Dissonance” that highlighted the style he likes.

“I focus on weird styles that really highlight the musicianship of each artist,” he said.


Sophomore Rayne Davidson, Geology Major


rayne water mark
Sophomore Rayne Davidson. // Photo by Brooke Carlson

Listening to: The City by Macklemore

Davidson is a huge Troye Sivan fan. He is her go-to jamming artist, but when she has to study she chooses Macklemore to focus.

“All of (his songs) are just bliss,” Davidson said, talking about Troye Sivan.

Freshman Jordan Coady, Undeclared


jordan watermark
Freshman Jordan Coady. // Photo by Brooke Carlson

Listening to: Rising Water by James Vincent McMorrow

Coady said she likes listening to pretty much everything. She especially likes alternative music and R&B.

“The Lumineers are one of my favorites,” she said, adding that she got to see them perform live about a year ago.


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