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Benjamin Crowell/ Photo by Alexa Eddy

Sophomore Benjamin Crowell, major undecided

Q: Where do you get your style inspiration?


A: Mainly from older pictures, like from the 60s and 70s. But most of it is just made up as I go.


Q: How has your style changed over time?


A: In junior high I would wear crazier outfits, like Hawaiian shirts and I started rolling up my pants—cuffed I think it’s called. That was weird back then, I would kind of get stuff for that, but I didn’t really care. It has gotten more casual and more clean-cut as I have gotten older.


Q: What motivates you to put time into your look?


A: Life is too short to dress boring. That is how I see it. I think you should care about what you wear because it is what you present to everyone you see. I think it is important to look good.


Q: Where do you usually shop?


A: If I get something new, then [I will shop at] H&M or J. Crew. But mainly thrift stores, like Goodwill, or secondhand stores like Buffalo Exchange and Urban Exchange back where I am from in Tacoma. It is like the same thing, it is just vintage clothes.


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 Benjamin Crowell/ Photo by Alexa Eddy

Jacket: From the 60s, Hand-me-down from his dad, but it was from a thrift store, $10

Sweater: H&M, $15

Polo: Goodwill, $2

Blue Slacks: H&M, $30

Socks: H&M, $4

Wing-tipped Brown leather shoes: Goodwill, $8

Fun Fact: Ben is on the Cross Country and Track & Field team at Western.




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