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Tips for keeping a resolution

With the beginning of each new year, resolutions are on most people’s minds. When people go about making resolutions they commonly ask themselves these questions: “What can I do to better myself?” or “What should I improve on?” Some of the resolutions that appear most often have to do with losing weight, eating better or exercising more often. While not everyone’s resolutions may be along those lines, here are some tips that can be used for a wide variety of resolutions to obtain successful goal-setting in the new year.

Don’t go at it alone.

No matter what the resolution is, having someone to hold you accountable and help along the way is an important step for goal-setting. If your resolution buddy has a similar resolution, you two can work on achieving your goals together. Both of you can hold each other reliable to follow your resolution. Not only can you work together, but you can make keeping your resolution a bonding experience and create memories together.

Set reasonable goals.

It is not uncommon for people to want to see immediate results, then rush toward completing their goal. An easier way to achieve goals is by taking baby steps instead. Figure out where you are and from there, establish where you would like to end up. Ask yourself if you are being reasonable given your abilities. If you’re unsure about being unreasonable, ask your resolution partner. If they are unable to determine if this is unreasonable, then you most likely are reaching too far. Don’t be afraid of changing a goal as you move along.

Any change in life is meant to be a challenge and will not always come easily.

Allison Tannahill

Create checkpoints.

Similarly to creating goals, making mini-goals to keep track of your progress is a great way to keep a resolution. Depending on your preference, check where you are at every week, bi-weekly or monthly. Checking daily could make it seem like you are not making progress at all.  Instead, if you space out smaller goals you will be amazed at your progress. Seeing your progress will help you stay motivated all year long. The key is being committed, not giving up and creating checkpoints to help you stay focused.

Don’t worry over it.

Not every resolution is kept, nor are they all easy. Should you hit a bump along the way to reaching your resolution goal, don’t stress or immediately quit. Any change in life is meant to be a challenge and will not always come easily. Take it one step at a time. If you get knocked over, get up and keep going, more determined than ever.


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