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Ask Western: What are you thankful for?

Holiday season is here again. What are students thankful for? Take a look.

Kristen Thomas. // Photo by Alex Powell
Kristen Thomas. // Photo by Alex Powell

Sophomore Kristen Thomas, biology

“I am most excited about Friendsgiving,” Thomas said.

Thomas, a Colorado native will not be making it back home for Thanksgiving break, but is appreciative for the friends she has in Bellingham who she can celebrate the holiday with. Overall Thomas is most thankful for the social circles she has here, which include different friend and classmate groups in both the Western and Bellingham community, she said.

Conner Tiland. // Photo by Alex Powell
Conner Tiland. // Photo by Alex Powell

Senior Conner Tiland, political science

One the things Tiland is most thankful for is his father, who is currently helping him with tuition and expenses while Tiland waits to get his loans approved. In addition to having financial support, Tiland is appreciative of the opportunities he has in life, mainly ones that he is given through going to school. He is most excited about having a short break from school where he can breathe and reset after grinding hard in the books during fall quarter, Tiland said.

Nathaniel Chapman. // Photo by Alex Powell
Nathaniel Chapman. // Photo by Alex Powell

Senior Nathaniel Chapman, physics and math

Chapman looks forward to returning home to chill and prepare for dead week. Of all the things Chapman has been grateful for in his time in Bellingham, he said he is most thankful for the Western community that surrounds him, he said.

“The faculty are great, the students are great. I love going to school here,” Chapman said.

Seanna Collins. // Photo by Alex Powell
Seanna Collins. // Photo by Alex Powell

Senior Seanna Collins, marketing

Collins is looking forward to spending time with extended family, eating food and watching football.

“I am extremely thankful for wine,” Collins said. “It’s a good de-stressor at the end of the day.”

Collins is also thankful for the Target dollar section.


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