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Western professor of agricultural economics passes away

Agricultural economics professor Charles “Chuck” Antholt passed away Saturday, Nov. 12, at the age of 74.

Antholt’s classes are being covered by faculty, Director of Communications Paul Cocke said.

Professor of international business Tom Roehl said that he is working with students in Antholt’s classes to create a fair way to grade the class.

“I am going to take over and listen to the debates,” Roehl said. “I have asked another agricultural economist to join me, so there will be two people listening to those debates and providing feedback to the students.”

Photo courtesy of The Bellingham Herald.

“Instead of a final— which I couldn’t possibly create— students are having the opportunity to write book reviews,” Roehl said. “For this reason, we believe this is a way that respects professor Antholt’s desires on how the class should be taught and also does not prejudice any of the student’s ability to show their performance.”

Antholt made many contributions to students, Roehl said. He really cared about the students and worked very closely with them and really had an influence on their career, Roehl said.

Junior Zane Sharif was a student of Antholt’s.

“He was a really cool guy — really unconventional,” Sharif said. “He was probably the most experienced professor I feel like I’ve had at Western.”

Antholt got his Master’s degree in agricultural economics from Cornell University in 1972. He spent 33 years in international, agricultural, natural resource and rural development. Antholt had been teaching at Western since winter of 1998.

“He wasn’t some incompetent guy. He worked for the World Bank and knew exactly what he was talking about,” Sharif said. “He was really hard-and-fast; he was convinced he was right and 99 percent of the time he was. He was pretty sure of himself.”

Antholt is survived by his wife Sharron, daughter Sandra, and granddaughter Sofia.

The memorial service for Antholt was Sunday, Nov. 20. His family asks for condolences to be sent to sandramaffey@gmail.com or by mail at 2265 Tuttle Lane, Lummi Island, WA 98262.

In lieu of flowers, Antholt’s family asks that a memorial be sent to the Lummi Island Heritage Trust at www.liht.org or by mail at 3560 Sunrise Road, P.O. Box 158, Lummi Island, WA 98262.


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