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Blog: Music as an outlet

We all know what it’s like to feel “caught” by a song. That feeling that washes over you and locks you in syncopation with a pumping rhythm.

But hey, it might not be that simple for some people. Some hear a throbbing engrossing bass groove and vibe with those around them. Some hear a distorted guitar riff and take to thrashing against other people in a crowded room.

Whether you just need something to keep you motivated while exercise, or you’re writing a song for your dog, it’s safe to say that music is an outlet for everybody in one way or another.

For some it’s their entire life. Over the years I’ve had the privilege of meeting countless artists who write, produce and perform original content across the country. The passion that carries their tone while discussing music is ethereally inspiring and admirable. It makes you love what you love, even if what you love isn’t music.

Music is not only an art form, but means of self-expression. It is its own realm of communication, not only through words but units and explosions of sound and energy.

Are you telling me you’ve never screamed the words to a song with everyone else in a crowded room? I’m sorry for your loss.

Then you say you’ve never met eyes with a stranger finished a verse together? Sucks to suck I guess.

And now, here you stand, before me, trying to tell me that you don’t hate that song you thought you loved, until it became your alarm?

If your response to any of those was, “actually, I have, you –,” then I think we’re on the same page.

My point is to take what you love about music and let it become you. Dance in line for Starbucks, head-bang while you lift weights, and hold that imaginary microphone up to that innocent bystander. Who knows, they might finish the verse for you.


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