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State Senator Andy Hill passes away, leaves legacy of work in education

The political community of Washington is taking time to remember State Senator Andy Hill, who worked to increase funding for education and lower tuition for Washington colleges during his six years in the state Senate.

Sen. Hill was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2009, but underwent treatment and lived cancer-free. The cancer returned in June of this year, and Sen. Hill died on Monday, Oct. 31. He was 54.

After an 11-year career with Microsoft, Sen. Hill retired to spend more time with his family and get involved in his community. In 2010, he would run for state Senate and defeat the incumbent senator.

Sen. Hill would later be elected as the chairman of the state’s Ways and Means Commission. As chairman, Sen. Hill fought for increased funding for educational institutions across the state.

“He could have enjoyed a lot of material things, but when he got a second chance in life, he chose service.” 

Senator Mark Schoesler

In addition to helping K-12 education, Sen. Hill would also usher in reductions in tuition at Washington’s four-year and community colleges.

In Washington state, Sen. Hill passed the Vulnerable Individuals Priority Act in 2013, providing valuable care for those with developmental disabilities.

Originally from Redmond, Sen. Hill represented Washington State Legislative District 45, located Northeast of Seattle, and served as the chief GOP budget writer. Bellingham is part of District 42.

Sen. Hill was known to reach across political lines and work with his Democratic opponents often.

After his cancer diagnosis, those close to Sen. Hill say that he turned his mind to helping his community.

“He could have enjoyed a lot of material things, but when he got a second chance in life, he chose service,” said Senator Mark Schoesler in an interview with The Seattle Times.

“[Sen. Hill] spoke often about how much he loved the people and communities he represented and how honored he was to serve them,” said State Senator Joe Fain in a released statement about Sen. Hill’s death.

A memorial service for Sen. Hill will be held on Friday, Nov. 11, in Redmond.



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