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Let’s Talk Sports: Dealing with Seahawks frustration

Dear Seahawks, I’m tired of pulling my hair out.

Born and raised in Tacoma, the Seahawks have been a staple in my family for as far back as I can remember. An entire wall at my parents’ house is dedicated to the team we love so much. I’m proud to be a Seahawks fan, but I also struggle with their ups and downs and lack of consistency is games.

I understand what is holding them back. For one, Russell Wilson’s past ankle injury was keeping the offensive line from getting started this past Sunday.

His ability to be mobile, paired with his accurate passing, are what make him a big threat. However, this injury is keeping him from being able to make the types of plays we as fans want to see.

Also, Steven Hauschka’s kicking lacked last week. He has always had a rough time in the University of Phoenix stadium.

With seven seconds left, Hauschka missed a 28-yard field goal which would have put the Seahawks ahead.

Head Coach Pete Carroll is not fazed by the miss though, stating, “I love [Hauschka], and he’s our guy.”

Offense just failed to gain momentum this past week, and that resulted in ending in a tie that had fans at the edge of their seats, and not in a good way.

Yeah, it’s frustrating, but in all honesty, despite how I opened this post, I can’t wait to watch their game this Sunday against the New Orleans Saints.

One of my favorite things about the Seahawks is how much I care about the players themselves. I feel like the community of twelves is something that fans may often take for granted, myself included.

The players have become like family to fans. We care when they get injured, and they are not just statistics and fantasy points to us. We get so passionate when they struggle because we care so much about the outcomes. We want them to make it to post-season; we thrive on it.

Personally, Richard Sherman’s press conference on Wednesday drives this point home.

He wore a wizard costume to the conference because, with Halloween coming up, that is what his two-year-old son wanted, so he did so.

The whole team is just easy to relate to, and that is what keeps loyal fans coming back and cheering them on every week, even when they have rough games that cause chips to fly at the television and angry rants to be posted on Twitter.


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