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Productivity Pep Talk: After Midterms

As we enter the sixth week of the quarter and finish midterms, it can be easy to slip back into lazy habits. Staying productive through the entire quarter can seem difficult, especially when we are halfway done, but staying focused on your goals is important.

With Halloween and other fun events right around the corner, being productive may prove difficult, but finding the right balance between studying and fun is the key. Here are some tips to help keep students productive as we meet the rest of the quarter head on.

1. Minimize distractions. An environment full of distractions can be detrimental when trying to study.  A way to help keep yourself focused is to separate from your phone and friends. Keeping your phone on silent and across the room from you is one way to keep you from being tempted to check social media every few minutes. Also, working with people that you know you can stay productive with is key. Other students from your class are good substitutes for those close friends who have an easier time drawing your attention away from studying.

2. Office hours. This is a very under-utilized part of staying productive. One-on-one help with the professor can be very useful when the material is challenging. Office hours can provide a distraction-free, open learning environment for students looking for help with a specific subject. Likewise, getting to know your professor and their teaching style can be advantageous in the long run.

3. Be attentive in class. It is proven that students who attend all their classes and engage in discussions usually do better on exams than people who don’t show up, or students who simply show up to class and copy down the slides. It’s easier to retain information when you are engaged in the lecture and participating in class discussions. So don’t be afraid to raise your hand next time, it could be beneficial for understanding the subject better.


In the long run, being productive is vital to having a successful school year. It can also translate into the real world as well: forming good habits when it comes to procrastination and productivity will be beneficial after college. It may seem hard to stay focused, but it will be worth all the hard work when final grades come out.


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