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Friday, May 7, 2021

Playlist of the week: Young, Wild and Free

This playlist consists of songs portraying a lighthearted and upbeat temperament, in spite of the dreary fall weather we’ve been having lately.

It was generated to show even amongst a busy schedule and unsatisfactory climate, students should still incorporate a sense of fun and adventure into their daily lives.

Several of the tracks fall under the genre of Electro-pop, with a mixture of a few Hip-hop and R&B tunes.

Fire (Feat. Evalyn) by Louis The Child (Electronica)


This tune has a startling rhythm you don’t notice until the drop, when the bass line is more prevalent. You will definitely catch yourself tapping your foot.

Little Bit of This (feat Vince Staples) by GTA (Hip-hop)


This is a unique Hip-hop song. It has a thick bass with a head-bobbing chorus line. What makes it unique are the abnormal noises used for the background beats.

SYDE [Hazey Eyes remix] by Orbit (Electro-pop)


This track has a slight downbeat without being depressing, which is great for achieving a relaxing vibe.

Starboy (feat. Daft Punk) by The Weeknd (Alternative R&B)


This song’s background beat is what caught my attention. It’s fast, rhythmically pleasing and is meshed well with Abel Tesfaye’s

distinctive vocals.

California Dreaming (feat. Paul Rey) by Arman Cekin (Electro-pop)


This melody is bubbly, but isn’t overwhelming which is nice when you are just wanting to chill out and listen to a good beat.

Summer Friends (Feat. Jeremih & Francis & The Lights) by Chance the Rapper (Hip-Hop)


This tune is relatable to the transition from summer to fall and beginning school again. It’s a slower tempo, and not overpowering.

Ivy by Frank Ocean (Contemporary R&B)


Frank Ocean’s voice will send chills down your spine, and is paired with a beautiful background arrangement. It’ll hit home if you can relate to his deep intimacy for young love.

Call on me by Starley (Electro-pop)


The lyrics in this tune are uplifting. If you’ve been stressed lately give this song a try, it’s soothing and empowering.

Hype by Drake (Hip-hop)


This has a slower tempo but the beat is still very catchy and could relate to either a laid-back or wild vibe.

Weak by AJR (Electro-pop and Indie)


These lyrics maintain the notion of it being ok to drop your responsibilities and have fun every now and again. Let go and have a great “weak”end.


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