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Saturday, May 15, 2021

The Political Front: The importance of Ken Bone

Amongst the muddy, vile and overall toxic debate that took place last night, a bright ray of hope shone through.

A figure stood, looking like the physical manifestation of joy and innocence, and asked a question that, like most others last night, was barely answered.

This modern-day warrior unknowingly battled against the darkness that was spewing on the debate floor. He grabbed the attention of the American public immediately, finally giving viewers a positive role model to look up to.

This man, adorned in a gorgeous quarter-zip red sweater, went by the moniker of Kenneth Bone. And he was truly beautiful.

As I watched from my couch surrounded by four of my roommates and one of our friends, we all had the same reaction.

“That man is awesome, and he will be the best thing to come out of this debate.”

And the internet agreed with our little Bellingham viewing party.

The twittersphere and facebookverse and instagralaxy and …. Snapchatystem (I’ll admit, that one isn’t great) exploded as quick as the big bang that formed them all.

Of the resulting memes (or mémès in french) here are the few that I believe the world should be hip to.
The 30 for 30 Documentary I really wish existed:

Mr. Steal yo girl


And my favorite, Ken Bone Thugs-N-Harmony



But in all seriousness, we need people like Ken Bone to ask real questions to these candidates. Yes, Anderson Cooper asking Donald Trump if he understands that he is, “bragging about sexually assaulting women,” is an important thing to do. But we also need real questions about real policy issues that the majority of the President-elect’s time will be spent on. So thank you Ken Bone, you tha man.


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