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Productivity Pep Talk

Why is the actual act of being productive so hard to master?

Students often head into a new school year with exciting goals, such as good grades or getting into their intended major. This seems easy enough if one works hard every day, studies and gets high scores on all of their tests but in reality, school can be hard.

One helpful thing to remember is that being productive is more of a marathon than a sprint. A person who is successful in being productive realizes that there are short-term as well as long-term goals at play at all times. Here are some tricks and tips that could help any student increase their productivity.


1. Don’t be afraid of making lists. Lists are very helpful even though they may seem totally worthless to some. They can be useful just in the way that one can see what they have to do for the week, or for the months ahead, right in front of them. Whether one creates a list of assignments, deadlines or assessments the actual act of checking an item on that list can feel very satisfying.

2. Try setting short-term and long-term goals at the beginning of every month and week. This can be helpful in planning out what you want to achieve in the bigger picture without making it seem so daunting. Completing the smaller goals is almost like climbing up a ladder, they are a series of smaller steps that bring one to their final destination. Difficult times are a product of life, so setting smaller more reasonable goals can help to ease the occasional feeling of immensity when thinking about education and the future.

3. Take study breaks whenever necessary. It can be hard for anyone to sit down for hours at a time and remain focused throughout. To make it easier, try setting goals within whatever assignments or studying must be done. If chapters one through five must be read, try taking a break at chapter three to stretch those legs and maybe get some food or a glass of water. Or, try taking five minute breaks twice every hour to unwind and reset before starting back up again.

Mastering productivity is not always easy, but thinking through what one has to do and the steps one has to take to get where they want to go can help.

Education is not one assignment or one assessment, it is a compilation of everything the student does to reach their final goal. Whether it be graduation or just getting through this quarter, proactive planning can increase productivity.


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