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The hashtag #NoWomanEver recently made waves on Twitter  and a much needed conversation about street harassment ensued.

Twitter user @ImJustCeej began the hashtag frenzy after feeling several men on her Twitter timeline “were being woefully obtuse about street harassment,” she told BuzzFeed News.

Nearly every woman has experienced it: walking down a sidewalk, minding their own business, when that is suddenly disrupted. Often it’s the short beeps of a car horn, a low whistle or the shout of something obscene from a car window. While catcalling is more often than not invalidated and written off as harmless fun, #NoWomanEver portrays just how problematic street harassment is.

CJ, the source of the hashtag, started the string of Tweets with a personal experience:



Soon after, women started sharing their personal experiences:




And there were those who didn’t find the humor or substance of the trend:



One Twitter user had a different take on the hashtag:


From the thousands of Tweets and countless stories, one thing is very clear: women are uncomfortable with the culture that allows men to openly harass women on the streets.

Senior Lisa Witkowski has experienced catcalling and understands how invasive it can feel, however a remedy could be difficult.

“I really don’t think it’s a problem that can be solved very easily,” Witkowski said.

Is there a solution to street harassment? It may be difficult, but people are optimistic.

In a recent national survey,  more than 90 percent of  participants believed that there are ways to end street harassment. The group was split on two ends of the spectrum. Fifty-five percent of respondents felt the best remedy to be an increased number of security cameras and police presence, while 53 percent suggested educational workshops about respectful interactions with strangers.

Witkowski suggests women become more educated and learn their own ways to cope with street harassment.

While #NoWomanEver may not dramatically change the landscape of the culture that normalizes catcalling, it has started an important discussion with a sarcastic twist.

What do you think about #NoWomanEver? Let The Western Front know in the comments.


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