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The dining room. // Photo by Sharmaine Miranda
The dining room. // Photo by Sharmaine Miranda

Sometimes, after a hard week of classes, nothing sounds better than a nice, filling meal. That’s where Kuru Kuru Sushi comes in.

The crunch roll. // Photo by Sharmaine Miranda
The crunch roll. // Photo by Sharmaine Miranda

Located at 11 Bellwether Way, Kuru Kuru is right by the water and provides incredible views of Bellingham Bay and north campus.

Kuru Kuru Sushi, which translates to go around sushi, does just that. Appetizers, drinks, sushi and desserts all sit on top of a conveyer belt that wraps around the entire restaurant. As the belt moves, diners must make quick decisions about what to eat. Yet, don’t be fearful about not finding something good to try. The sushi chefs are hard at work and have many options to choose from, including several choices for those with dietary restrictions to make sure everyone is happy.

The most surprising aspect of Kuru Kuru is how cheap the food is. All plates are color coded and each color represents a price. The plates range from $1.50 to $3.50. That’s it. At the end of my meal, I had five plates of sushi that totaled $12.50 after tax. Each plate had three or four pieces of sushi on it, so for $12.50 I ate the equivalent of two full rolls of sushi.

The Salmon Roe with Quail Egg. // Photo by Sharmaine Miranda
The Salmon Roe with Quail Egg. // Photo by Sharmaine Miranda

Personally, I do not venture far from the basics when it comes to sushi, so by the end of my meal I realized I had eaten four plates of the crunch roll. Luckily, my friend was more adventurous and had more variety in her meal.

For those who don’t see something they like on the conveyer belt, the sushi chefs are more than happy to make alternative dishes. My friend ordered salmon roe with a quail egg on top, something I could never see myself eating. The presentation was beautiful and she said it tasted even better.

Feeling adventurous, I decided to order the Lion King, which is a California roll with a mixture of seafood and spicy crab on top. The sushi chefs bake the rolls and then top them with spicy mayonnaise and unagi sauce.

The Lion King. // Photo by Sharmaine Miranda
The Lion King. // Photo by Sharmaine Miranda

At this point I was so full I felt like I could explode, proving that a dollar goes a long way at Kuru Kuru.

Based on my experience, Kuru Kuru is the perfect place to fulfill a college student’s budget while also creating an atmosphere that is family friendly and open to all ages. I would give Kuru Kuru a 9 out of 10 because it is the best sushi restaurant I have encountered during my time at Western.




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